These Pictures You Wont Believe Are Real!

It's even more difficult to know what's real and what's not.
The internet has become so full of fake images, that it’s difficult to believe what is real and what is not. Some observers with keen eyes have discovered several images that are in fact not Photo-shopped.
Get ready to have your mind blown.

Magic Faucets

Your eyes might look at these floating faucets and think that someone photos-hoped the pipes away.
But if you look closer it's just a clever illusion. How do they stay flowing and where does all the water come from? don't scratch your head too hard. because this magical illusion has a logical explanation.
This spectacular effect is achieved by a transparent tube in the middle of the water column that holds the tap in place and, at the same time, keeps feeding it with water pumped from below. The water goes up through the tube and exits at the top. The water column, which is usually turbulent, effectively hides the tube from view.

Hellboy Arm Wrestler

At first glance image of this young man looks like a very clear case of bad photoshopping. Nope, this young man is not trying to impersonate the famous character "Hellboy". His arm is in fact very real. His name is Matthias Schlitte and he was born with a rare genetic defect that makes his right forearm bone 33 percent larger than his left. At 16 years old attended a local arm wrestling tournament at the suggestion of his mom and hasn't stopped since.
He is now 27 years old and is a professional international arm wrestler and also a commercial star.

Venus The Cat

One of the most famous kitties on the internet is - Venus the Two-Faced Cat. One-half is solid black with a green eye the other half has typical orange tabby stripes and a blue eye. Many reports about Venus refer to the cat as a "chimera." In mythology, a chimera is a mishmash monster made up of parts of different animals.  She has her own Facebook page and a YouTube video that's been viewed over a million times.
Her famous tagline is " 0% Photoshopped 100% Born This Way".

Beach Runway

If you think this is a screenshot from next blockbuster movie, you are wrong. This is no joke. And if you don't believe us just take a trip to Caribbean island and visit the Maho Beach. It is located directly next to the Princess Juliana Airport. When aircraft come into land at Princess Juliana Airport, they pass just overhead of beach-goers, making for a thrilling experience as well as an excellent photo opportunity.

Goat Tree

Don't let this picture get your goat. It isn't fake. It isn't photo-shopped. There are actually goats up in this tree. And it's a pretty common occurrence in the semi-deserts of southwest Morocco. The Argania is a rare and protected species of tree. The tree produces an incredibly delicious fruit that attracts tons of goats and other hungry animals.

Pacu The Fish

These fish grab the attention of many people when it began turning out in rivers and lakes across the U.S. It might be hard to believe that this fish has human looking teeth. The pacu is native of Amazon River in South America. Their powerful jaws and teeth are great for cracking nuts.

The Crooked House

The image of this house looks like someone was having a lot of fun messing with the photo. But this bubbly and wonderfully warped house is a real building. It was built in 2004 and is located in Poland. It was built by a design team known as the Szotynscy and Zaleski. The designers were inspired by fairy tale book illustrator Jan Szancer. For those who have seen the building in person, it is even harder to believe that it exists.

Floating Whale

This floating creature would be the last thing on your mind when you and your friends go to the beach. Sure you expect sea weed to attack you or someone to dive under the water and grab your foot pretending to be a sea monster. But you definitely don't expect the largest mammal in the ocean to surf to the shore with you. Be careful that you might get chunks of whale blubber on you because whales are known to explode due to a large amount of gas built up.

Band Of Ants

A colony of ants banded together to unscrew a soda cap and place a straw inside and if so how could anyone happen to be in the right place at right time to snap this pic? This is actually the mastermind of Andrey Pavlov, a former set designer for the entertainment industry. He designed this incredible set piece along with many other. So he could interact with the ants and snap these award winning shots.

Motorcycle Surfing

This image is a bad attempt at a clearly photo-shopped image. Surfing with a dirt bike seems as impossible as this image. Don't you think? Believe it or not, this extreme image is no optical illusion or computer trick. It is a product of professional motorbike rider Robbin Madison. He is known for jumping across an opened tower bridge in London and jumping the Arc de Triomphe in Las Vegas.