Gay Ducks!

Duck sex

  • In the summer of 1995, Kees Moeliker, a dutch researcher, was sitting behind his desk in the glass building of the Rotterdam Natural museum.
  • Suddenly he was alerted by an unusual loud bang coming from the direction of the window.
  • Outside the building, a male mallard (the common wild duck) was found dead, laying on its belly in the sand. A case of homosexual necrophilia.
gay duck

  • Next to the dead duck, another male mallard was present that forcibly picked the dead duck’s head for a few minutes after which it mounted the corpse and began forcefully copulating with it.
sex by ducks
  • The male mallard raped the corpse ( Dead duck ) almost continuously for 75 minutes.
  • This bizarre observation is unique because homosexual necrophilic behaviour has never been described before.
  • Interestingly, homosexuality is not very rare in ducks, with up to one in 10 duck couples being homosexual.
  • Also occasionally necrophilia can be seen, but only with males trying to mount dead females.