Do Elephants Purr?

purring elephant
  • Stand near an elephant herd, and you may feel a strange vibration in your chest.
  • That’s not your heart beating in terror because you’re, well, standing next to an elephant herd. Or at least that’s not all it is.
  • It’s also a sign that the elephants are talking to one another.
  • Elephants are famous for their trumpeting, of course, but they also produce rumbles pitched so low that humans can’t hear them, only feel them as a sort of physical buzzing
  • The way elephants make the low-frequency rumbles they use to communicate over long distances has been revealed by scientists in Austria. 
  • These vocalisations are produced by passing air over the vocal folds, making them vibrate. 
  • Elephants purr like cats do, as a means of communication.