This Lamp Uses Water And Salt To Produce Light

Salt Water lamp

  • Invented by Fillipino siblings Aisa and Ralph Mijeno with the help of engineer Joeffrey Firas, the lamp consists of a Plastic bottle, water and some salt.
  • The SALt lamp stays lit for eight hours a day with the salt water concoction, or for coastal populations, sea water, and can run everyday for six months until the anode wears out. 
  • The lamp uses the same science as that behind the Galvanic cell, which is the basis for batteries.
  • The start-up said in changing electrolytes to a saline solution it makes the lighting non-toxic and a safer choice by removing the risk of fires from tipped over lamps and candles.
  • It's healthier for the people using it because the lamp doesn't emit indoor pollution and the materials used are far better for the environment.
  • The lamp can also be used in emergency situations as both a lighting source and an energy source for charging phones with a USB cable.