Sandwich That Bought Great Luck!

Diana Duyser
  • A Florida woman put the sandwich up for sale, saying it has brought her great luck since she found it 10 years ago.
  • eBay originally withdrew the item, suspecting it might be a joke. But it has now apparently been reassured that the offering is genuine.
  • The snack has attracted a bid - thought to be a hoax - of $99.9m.
  • Diana Duyser, 52, of Hollywood, Florida, set a starting price of $3,000, and pleaded with people not to post hoax bids.
  • She described how she came across the mysterious morsel.
  • "I made this sandwich 10 years ago. When I took a bite out of it, I saw a face looking up at me - it was Virgin Mary starring (sic) back at me. I was in total shock," she explained.
  • Mrs Duyser has since kept the toastie surrounded by cotton wool, in a plastic container on a stand.
  • She says a decade on from its conception, it has not shown any sign of mould or crumbling - which she considers "a miracle".
  • She also believes its mystical properties have brought her blessings, including $70,000 won in a nearby casino