Common Dreams With Its Meaning

Sleep scientists believe that people can dream four to six times per night. But almost 95% of the dreams you have are forgotten shortly after you wake up.

1. You're flying

If you are flying in a dream, it relates to how much control you have in your life. The higher you are flying, the more control you have.

2. You're being chased

People who are being chased generally have a problem they are running from. These types of dreams encourage people to face their problems head-on.

3. You're losing your teeth

This is usually a bad omen. It generally means that you have lost confidence or power in your life. Other experts say that it means that you want a wish to be granted. This is a greatly debated dream type.

4. You're nude

Nudity in dreams is said to represent vulnerability and anxiety.

5. Sex is involved

Dreaming about sex is an insight into your deepest desires. It can signal who you want to be intimate with or what really makes you tick whether it's normal, strange, or incredibly erotic.

6. You're paralyzed

When you're dreaming, you typically are experiencing a form of sleep paralysis, which is why your body doesn't actually do the things it is dreaming. When you dream of being paralysed, that represents the overlap of the dream state and consciousness.

7. You're taking a test

Perfectionists typically have dreams where they are taking tests long after they have graduated from school. These type of dreams are related to work stresses.

8. You meet a celebrity

When you dream of meeting a celebrity, it usually means that you value something about them like their talent, style, or personality.

9. You're falling

This usually represents that there is something very wrong in your life...something that you consider to be an issue that needs to be addressed.

10. There are babies!

No, it's not your biological clock ticking...when you dream of babies, it typically means that something new is going on in your life.

11. Someone is pregnant

Experts view dreams about pregnancy as a sign that the dreamer needs to start something new in their life.

12. You're in school

Dreaming that you are back in school shows that you have a problem to face that you already defeated long ago. It's a sign that you need to learn from the past.

13. Someone dies

Dreaming of death can be frightening, but it usually means that you need to end something in order to make room for a new thing in your life.

14. Food is involved

Seeing food in your dreams can mean that you are energized and hungry for something more in life.

15. Cheating is a story-line

Unsurprisingly, experts generally associate cheating dreams with mistrust in a relationship.