What Happens When You Kiss?

Couple Kissing

 8 things that happen when you kiss:

  • Kissing release stress.
  • Kissing release the love hormone oxytocin which is released from pituitary gland. 
  • Happiness Chemicals Such as dopamine is released which make us repeat the behaviour.
  • Adrenaline and Noradrenaline releases, which break the sugar in our body and gives us more energy for some more fun activities.
  • Passionate kissing is said to burn 6.4 calories per minute, Essentially if you Make out for 30 minutes you can burn the same amount of calories as you run for 25 minutes or swimming for half an hour, which would you rather do? gym Or some alternative exercise. 
  • Nothing is creepier than kissing with your eyes open or realising the person you are kissing has theirs open, Especially when you realise that your pupil widens during the steamy moments. 
  • Kissing can actually keep you looking younger, you use about 30 muscles when you kiss depending on the type of kiss that is. Repeatedly doing this exercise can tone your face muscle Eventing them from dropping. 
  • Your blood really starts to flow fast if you are really into the girl or guy. Kisses will send Shock waves to your body, It can increase blood flow to certain areas.