The World's Hardest Place to Visit

  • There is an island that sits in the middle of the Bay of Bengal called North Sentinel Island. The indigenous people of this island have never been colonized by the outside world and are extremely hostile, attacking anyone who invades their land without fear. What makes this even more interesting is that, when taken from the island, these people exhibit symptoms of a mystery illness before dying if they are not returned.
  • These people are one of the last Stone Age tribes on Earth whose culture has been completely untouched by modern civilization.
  • Despite the fact that the island formally belongs to India, no one dares to visit it and approach the Sentinelese tribe. The reason is their extreme violence and hostility – anyone who has ever tried to come ashore the island was attacked or even killed.
  • In 1896, a Hindu convict escaped from the prison but had a bad luck to ground on North Sentinel on a makeshift raft. As a result, his body was found a few days later on a beach, perforated by arrows and with the throat cut.
  • On August 2, 1981, when the ship Primrose ran aground on the North Sentinel Island reef, the crew noticed men on the beach who were carrying arrows and spears. The captain tried to use radio communication to ask for help, but did not receive it. Fortunately, the crew was lucky enough to be kept away from the island by the troubled waters and rescued by helicopter a few days later.
  • The Sentinelese are believed to have lived on the island for 60,000 years!