Voltage of an Electric Eel!

Electric eels
  • Electric eels Generates electric shock of up to 600 volts, dangerous enough to kill a single person with one sting of a tail.
  • Electric eels aren't actually eels. They’re members of the knife fish family.
  • The critters are native to South American rivers, but they don’t spend all their time underwater. They have to come to the surface to breathe.
  • All of an electric eel’s vital organs are crammed into the front 20 percent of its body. The rest is packed with 6000 cells that act like tiny batteries.
  • Electric eels can’t see what they’re shocking. They’re mostly blind and use a radarlike system of electrical pulses to navigate and find food.
  • Eels’ thick skin normally insulates them from their own attacks, but when wounded, they’ll shock themselves!