Urine-controlled video game!

Urine-controlled video game
  • Pee-controlled video games allows you to shoot and score (or steer or draw, depending on the game), simply by directing the urine stream.
  • Developed by UK-based Captive Media, the high-tech urinals come with 12-inch LCD screens fitted just above them. Ads play on the screens until a punter approaches the urinal. Detecting that the punter is in position and ready to pee, the system then switches into gaming mode.

Pee-controlled video game
  • “Sophisticated algorithms then allow the user to do something simple, but VERY engaging – controlling the system just by aiming their stream left or right!”
  • The pee-controlled urinals are the brainchild of Gordon MacSween, a man who is effectively paid too pee.
  • MacSween said that when the system was trailed at a bar in Cambridge recently, a couple of behavioural changes among the peeing public were noted. “There has been less mess, which we sort of expected because we designed the game so you’re not splashing about, and less vandalism,” he explained.