There are no clocks in Las Vegas casinos

no clocks in Las Vegas casinos
  • Las Vegas is one of the most popular city of United States. It is considered to be 28th number in most popular cities. Las Vegas is also known as an entertainment city. In Las Vegas you will find the most popular gambling Casinos, Shopping Malls, and Restaurants.
  • The strange fact about Las Vegas is that there are no clocks and windows in city Casinos.
  • The casinos want people to lose track of time. The windows are also heavily tinted so it's impossible to tell if it's daytime or night-time by simply looking out the window. 
  • They also use a clever technique of pumping in fresh oxygen to keep players from getting tired.  Indeed, in some of the hotels you will see oxygen bars where people can get legally high on higher levels of oxygen.  In most cases they switch on all the lights to show that day is not complete.