Soundlazer - putting sound where you want it!

Beam Your Sound With The Soundlazer
  • There is a device called Soundlazer that can project audio to a specific location through a narrow ultrasonic beam.You can play a song for your friend across the room and have only them hear it.
  • Experiments with parametric and directional speaker systems have been going on since the early 1960s. 
  • Most speakers are designed to throw sound as far and loud as possible. Parametric speakers are more like a laser beam with the sound focused at high intensity into a relatively small area.  The result is that two people can be standing only a few feet apart from each other yet only one of them will hear the directional audio waves emanating from the parametric audio source.
  • the first open source, hackable parametric speaker with integrated DSP (digital signal processor) that offers the best sounding directional audio.
  • Soundlazer speaker offers personal audio without the headphones.
  • This uses ultrasonic waves to focus a beam of sound in one direction. The video above even demonstrates the concept, showing the camera and microphone beside the Soundlazer hearing virtually no sound, and then in front hearing the music playing clearly. Imagine listening to music in your cube space without having to wear headphones because no one else can hear it.