Do Bulls Hate the Colour Red?

Does the colour red really make bulls angry?
  • The colour red doesn't make bulls angry. In act, bulls are red-green colour-blind! In bullfights, it’s the motion of the cape that draws the bull’s attention, not the colour.
  • Still don’t believe it? In 2007, the Discovery Channel’s MythBusters tested a live bull on color versus movement in three separate experiments. First, they put three stationary flags, which were red, blue and white, in the bull’s enclosure. The bull charged all three flags regardless of color. Next, they put three dummies dressed in red, blue and white in the ring, and again the bull charged all three without discrimination (and actually charged the red dummy last).
  • Finally, they put a live person dressed in red in the ring with the bull. That person stood still while two cowboys not in red moved around the ring. The bull went after the moving cowboys and left the motionless red-clad person alone.