Disgusting Cakes!

Here Are absolutely Disgusting Cake Designs that you would never Like:

This cake really deserves the 'Worst Cake Ever' prize. The cake looks like an Asian squat toilet. 

Toilet cake

I don’t think you could even convince a child to eat a piece of this monstrosity. Oh my god.

Poop Cake

This cake is supposed to be the after-effects of someone dealing with a bout of explosive diarrhea

worst toilet cake design

Here’s A Giant Piece Of Sh*t” Potty Cake

poop with fly cake

The customer wanted a cake that looked like a pile of poo with toilet paper and flies! 

poo cake

This cake is a f*&king disaster With poo and a toilet paper!

Stool Cake

It's a broken toilet, complete with dirty toilet and poop with fly!..So Dirty Cake

poop with urine Cake

Toilet cake with white toilet bowl, It even has poop at the bottom. So Disgusting!!!

bathroom cake

Oh no! Why would someone design a cake like this? However those who appreciate creativity may find it appealing ...would you eat it? 

Butt Cake

We don't care how good the cake tastes, it just looks disgusting! Worms cake design!

worms cake

Fingers cut cake!!Why would someone design a cake like this? 

Finger cut cake

Can You Eat this poop Cake Without Vomiting!

Running Nose Cake Design!Worst cake ever

Leaky nose cake