A Jet of flowing water looks as though it's freezing... But In real Its just an illusion and is broken by the touch of a hand.

Dario Bonzi, 28, spotted rare natural phenomenon at Val Camonica in the Alps

A jet of water coming out of a public tap - as it appears as still and glimmering as ice. However, when Mr Bonzi moves his hand through it, stream breaking and flowing over his fingers.

It's a rare phenomenon which has to do with fluid dynamics. It's called a laminar flow and it is completely natural.'

80% of mass shooters showed no interest in violent video games, a researcher found.

The world's most expensive perfume is Clive Christian No 1 Passant Guardant. It costs $143,000 for 30ml and comes in a flask studded with 2,000 diamonds

Installed in 1410, the world's oldest astronomical clock still in operation is in Prague.

In 2005, an Ethiopian girl was being brutally beaten by 7 men when a pride of lions chased them away. They even stayed with her until help arrived.

  • Ridy is a smart camera that essentially does the job of a friend or family member in the passenger seat: it lets drivers know when they are losing driving focus and concentration.
  • The safety cam can detect a range of signs, when added up, indicate a problem
  • Practical and effective, the cam not only does not even require an Internet connection to function, but it also performs regardless of any daytime or nighttime lighting conditions, making it a big plus for drivers.

A report found that the free weights at the gym have 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.